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TNG Modifications

The following list of modifications are based upon The Genealogy software package called The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding © 2001-2008, created by Darrin Lythgoe, Sandy, Utah. (TNG) For more information on this package, follow the link in the previous line of text.

Disclaimer: Although the author of TNG has given his permission to post these mods, he is not associated with the creation, support, or maintenance of these modifications. Please note that future modifications to the TNG software package may render any or all of these modifications in-operable. The use, support, and maintenance remains the responsibility of the individual user.

Please see The TNG Wiki for a more complete list of mods that are available.

  Mod See Description

Please note that as of TNG Version 7.1.0, any of my mods that require TNG code modifications will be converted over to my Mod Manager format. This will make it easier for me to manage and easier for you to install or remove my mods.

Version Support Last update
1 Mod Manager instructions An Integrated Mod Manager for these mods. (Moved to the TNG Wiki site) V7.0.3
May 18, 2009
2 MediaWiki instructions A general guide to including a MediaWiki connection to your TNG site.
  • currently being run at several sites
  • It also includes an alternate strategy to link in the Place (Locations) see
Apr 26, 2009
3 GoogleMap instructions Creates a link on the personlib.php to create a place link to the google map site V5.1.4
Jul 2, 2008
4 CAPTCHA instructions A mod to add a CAPTCHA to the account registration form and/or the suggest form. This helps deter the spambots from flooding your registration and suggestion request mail. No Changes required for 6.2.0-> V5.1.4
Jan 16, 2008
5 GENDEX Form instructions Add a discretely formatted GENDEX Search form to the bottom of your search page with multi-language support. V5.x.x
Apr 27, 2009
6 Rip Prevention
/User Messages
/Ban IPs
instructions Add Rip Prevention to your site. This mod reduces the likelihood that commercial spiders will simply steal your research for resale. It also includes a feature to message browsing IP/Hostnames, and to permanently Ban IP/Hostnames. Includes an optional feature to present a CAPTCHA challenge. V5.1.4
Jan 16, 2009
7 Customized Logs instructions Provide additional information in the access log, separates search engine accesses to a separate log. V6.0.4
Apr 27,2009
8 Event Search Form instructions Add a formatted Events-Place Search form to the bottom of your search page with multi-language support. V6.0-V6.1.1
Apr 27,2009

Here's a list of known mods from others.

I make no claim regarding their operation, or suitability. If you notice a link that is broken, feel free to drop me a note.
If you have a mod that you would be willing to have listed here, please drop me a note and I'll add it.

  Mod See Description Author
1 Site Map Steve's download page TNG Sitemap Creator for use by Google Site Maps Steve Hoover
2 TNG PDF reports TNG Forum Reference A PDF report generator for some TNG reports. See the readme in the zip. (click here for Zip posted Oct 11,2006)
A PDF feature has been added to TNG as of V7.0.0
3 Google Map for Cemeteries TNG Forum Reference A nicely integrated Google Map for your TNG cemetery page. This link provides the Google map example on multiple TNG public pages and provides a distribution file for download. The TNG forum thread continues to be updated with the latest additions, so be sure to read further for the latest updates. This link provides a download for the Admin pages interface for Cemeteries, Places, and Media.
This features was added to TNG as of Version 6.1.0
Jerry Milo Johnson, Roger Moffat, Alan Craxford, Ken Roy
4 Random Photo Code TNG Forum Reference PHP code that can be used to display a random photo from your TNG photo collection. Read through the forum thread to find the latest release and other suggestions. Roger Moffat + others
5 Calendar Addon Download Page A monthly view with birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and dates of death overlaid. A number of additional discussions and tweaks have been added. Check the forum thread for additional info. Checkout Robert Hale's tweak as well. Christopher J. Niemira
6 Today's Deaths TNG Forum Reference This code will generate a list of people who died on this day with their birth year and name. The name is a link to their page. (Code posted Sep 13, 2006) Roger Moffat
7 Today's Births TNG Forum Reference This code will generate a list of people who were born on this day with their birth year and name. The name is a link to their page. (Code posted Sep 13, 2006) Roger Moffat
8 Today's Anniversaries TNG Forum Reference This code will generate a list of people who were married on this day with their marriage names and year. The name is a link to their page. (Code posted Sep 12, 2006) Roger Moffat
9 Notes - person ID TNG Forum Reference Add the Person ID to Browse Notes display. This can help when trying to find notes on your PC program. Ken Roy
10 tngFAQs Download the ZIP tngFAQs is a simple FAQ script that allows you to easily create and manage a Frequently Asked Questions section to your TNG website. The password-protected admin area allows you to add, edit and delete questions. Visitors can also browse through the knowledge base using keywords. Preview Shannon Carpenter modified by Harold Roberts Harold Roberts
11 mass Mail TNG Forum Reference this Mod can be used to create mass mailing from your user list. Designed for v5.1.2, you may need to do some edits to make it work for new versions. Check the forum, or contact the author regarding updates. John Asendorf
12 Email Scripts Download Page Email scripts to send out emails on birthdays or anniversaries. Forum Reference to Rush
13 My Today Boxes TNG Forum Reference My Today - an include script that creates databox lists for: Births Today, Married Today, Deaths Today, Longest Lived and Database Stats. It's a single include file which uses tags for multiple databox lists. Check the forum thread for the latest patches or an example. Lee Herron
14 Backup Living Flag TNG Forum Reference This script will backup and restore living flags. This is a great time saver for those that have many living individuals where there is no birth date included, and upload a new gedcom often. This script allows you to backup the flags, upload your gedcom, and restore the flags again. Check the forum thread link for the download link and the latest patches. Ben Wagner
15 Display Living Flag
for Backup Living Flag
TNG Forum Reference This modification is handy if you have a lot of living relatives in your database where you also have no birth date information. It is designed to work with the "Backup Living Flag" mod described above. Check the posted code changes and the latest alterations. Ken Roy
16 Template 4
Dynamic Title Images
TNG Forum Reference This mod is designed for those using template 4. It will generate dynamic title images. Check the posted code changes and the latest alterations. Shannon Carpenter

Ken Roy

17 Image Zoom Controls TNG Forum Reference This mod creates a zoom +, zoom -, and zoom select drop down to allow dynamic resizing of images. A great mod for those large census images that are hard to read at any size other than BIG! This mod is still actively growning, so read through the followup forum references. There have been a few tweaks along the way, and probably still a few others. An example of this mod can be viewed on Kathy Kult's site
Bret Rumsey's Image viewer is a replacement for this mod. Bret has a number of mods available, check here
Nicholas B. Flint - initial post

Russel G Strong
Ken Roy
Kathy Kult

18 Working with SQL
Reference Page Ulrich Kretschmer has provided a page of tips and tricks when working with SQL reports. He has also provided an example of how to output your SQL report to a static page. Ulrich Kretschmer
19 Backup and
download your
SQL database
Reference Page Ulrich Kretschmer has provided a description of how to backup and download your SQL database. Ulrich Kretschmer
20 Research
Forum Reference Effortless Ancestry is not meant to find that "needle in the haystack" for an individual with little or no information already available... but rather to find connections to online databases of individuals that you have some information on. Effortless Ancestry can search for individuals with little or no information, but the results may not be as relevant and will require more refinement on your part.
This mod is provided and supported by Bret Rumsey.
Bret Rumsey

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