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Instructions for Adding a TNG Mediatype

  1. Edit the mediatypes.php file and add another instance of "setMediaType" at the bottom. Model it after one of the existing ones. (This example uses the video mediatpye as an example)
    • change
      • setMediaType("videos",$mediapath,"tng_video.gif");
    • to
      • setMediaType("heirlooms",$heirloompath,"tng_heirlooms.gif");

  2. Save that and put it back on your site.
  3. Now you need a variable for $heirloompath, so open customconfig.php and enter something like this somewhere between the PHP delimiters:
    • $heirloompath = "heirlooms";

  4. Save that, then go create a folder called "heirlooms" and set it to 777 rights.
  5. Now go to English/cust_text.php and enter a message like this:
    • $text[heirlooms] = "Heirlooms";

  6. Finally, you'll need to create an icon called "tng_heirlooms.gif". Make it the same size as the others (like tng_videos.gif).
  7. That's it.

(posted to the tngusers2 mail list by Darrin Lythgoe)

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