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If you are using PAF and use the "Also Known As" field to enter other names that your ancestor is known by, you can take advantage of the support for the "2 ALIA" added in TNG V6 and translate the "2 _AKA" generated by the PAF export to the supported "2 ALIA" import tag.

If you have already upgraded to TNG version 6.0.4 or later, then you already have this mod as it has been incorporated into the main TNG distribution.

The following mod to admin/gedimport_misc.php before line 86 (case "ALIA":) was provided by Darrin

 CODE              case "_AKA":
                   $tag = "ALIA"; 

This mod eliminates the need to edit the PAF gedcom export to change the "2 _AKA" to "2 ALIA".

(This page is courtesy of Ken Roy, extracted from the TNG Forum)

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