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If you are not comfortable with html and php editing, this page may not be for you

GenWiki Overview

The TNG Wiki modification is intended to provide a wiki environment for genealogy related stories, histories, and facts that is directly accessible from the individual person pages within the TNG software. In particular, it will help create automated link between people and places from within your person pages. An example of the results have been categorized into two primary sections: People, and Places.

The Genealogical information is managed through the Genealogy software package called The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding © 2001-2009, created by Darrin Lythgoe, Sandy, Utah. (TNG) For more information on this package, follow the link in the previous line of text.

Although the TNG software does not come preconfigured to work specifically with MediaWiki, only a few modifications to the base TNG software are required to achieve a moderate wiki integration. This page includes the information necessary to make those changes.

TNG Version 7.1.0 support - Apr 26, 2009

Resulting GenWiki - TNG features

  1. Within the person pages, an icon ( Doc.gif ) to the right of people's names will be displayed each time a wiki page is found to match the individual's name
  2. If the TNG user is logged in as "admin" then a grayed icon ( New doc.gif ) to the right of all possible wiki link points will be displayed
  3. Within the person pages, all "places" are examined for string matches to the wiki database. Two different customizable strategies have been included
    • Examples of this may be found on the page: Example Page. Check the place "Tiverton" next to "Died" and the wiki link icon Doc.gif next to a couple of the names.
    • The appearance of the icon or place link is automatic if there is a corresponding wiki page.
  4. It is also possible to include links in the notes for pictures and histories, however this is a strictly manual entry (using standard html href=.... language) as in this example - check the History line at the bottom, there is an embedded link.

MediaWiki extensions

Although links to the TNG generated pages can be created using standard wiki html links, a small extension to the MediaWiki language makes this a little easier.

A "tng" tag was created with the following syntax:

  • <tng i=XXX>Description</tng> for links to people using the person ID
  • <tng f=XXX>Description</tng> for links to families using the family ID

The previous <person> tags will continue to work the same as the new shorter <tng> tags.

The TNG person/family IDs may be determined by examination of the TNG person/family pages, or hovering your mouse over any TNG person/family link and monitoring the browser status line.


  1. A working TNG installation - see The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding
    • For improved GenWiki People Name indexing, it is recommended that the TNG option to list Surnames first be used
      • found under Admin - General Settings - Name Order
  2. A working MediaWiki installation - see MediaWiki Download
    • The MediaWiki must be installed into the same TNG database and supports table name prefixes
  3. The Mod Manager must also be installed to manage the TNG modifications.
  4. A backup of your MediaWiki files


  • Using the Mod Manager, install the Wiki Mod via the TNG admin "Mod Manager" panel
    • This will install the default link_wiki.php script based upon link_wiki_strategy_1.php, see TNG Wiki Strategy 1 for more info
    • You may download the original strategies here
    • If you prefer the alternate strategy, copy link_wiki_strategy_2.php to your TNG folder and rename it to link_wiki.php, see TNG Wiki Strategy 2 for more info
  1. modify the variables at the top of the link_wiki.php file to match your wiki setup, the database and table prefixes must match your wiki installation and the database name must be the same as your TNG database.
  2. comment/uncomment the wiki article path style so that it matches your wiki article page paths
    • the article path is the URL style that is used by your wiki. Two possibilities exist. Some installation MUST use the "?title=" style URL, others MAY use the path style "/". Examine one of your wiki page urls to determine the style you are required to use.
  3. if you are logged in as admin, you should now see grayed icons next to the names
    • follow one of these links and you should end up at your wiki, create page option

In the event of a problem with your TNG site

  1. use the Mod Manager to remove the Wiki Link mods
    • all should be well now

Wiki Language extension

  1. download this zip file with the tag extension code ( Media:Wiki_Markup_Extension_Rev_1 )
  2. examine the contents
    • there is only one file, persons.php
    • modify the contents;
      • feel free to change the author's name
      • and change to your favourite url
      • and you MUST change the url in the tag where it has "" to your url
  3. copy the persons.php file to your wiki site in the directory extensions
    • ensure the file is executable
  4. add the following line at the end of your "LocalSettings.php" file, just before the ?> line
    • include("extensions/persons.php");
  • That's it, the wiki should now understand <tng> (or <person>) tags

Suggested Wiki Customizations

  1. use Categories:
    • at the bottom of each Person Page, add a [[Category:People]] tag
    • at the bottom of each Places Page, add a [[Category:Places]] tag
  2. modify your sidebar to include shortcuts to these areas
    • go to page: Mediawiki:sidebar (just enter this in the search box) see this site example
    • edit this page, if you added
      • Category:Places|List of Places
      • Category:People|List of People
    • as entries on this page, all sidebars will change
      • you may have to delete your page cache before you will see it


  1. You're sort of on your own... If you have a specific question, or feel some additional info in the above would help others, feel free to contact me directly. [genealogy at mcfadyen dot ca]
  2. There are lots of changes that could be made, alternate ways to strip the place strings, etc, etc...
    • Please post suggestions, or your own flavour of this mod to the forum or list


Sincere thanks to all the TNG users in the TNG list and forums for their continued and dedicated support of Darrin's TNG platform.
A special thanks is extended to

for their perseverance and successful installation of the first GenWiki modifications. Check out their GenWiki extensions to TNG. Roger Navarre also authored the Strategy 2 for the place name parsing.

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