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Genealogy Reference Material

McIlmoyle, Northey, Nicholls, many more

  • Lakefield Cemetery, Ontario Excel Spreadsheet of Burial Records. Sort fields, highlighting to indicate which names are recorded in my tree and which headstones I have pictures. This spreadsheet was created using facts previously available on the Lakefield Cemetery search pages.

Willoughby, Crozier Lineage

Daintree, Jory, Willoughby

  • Daintree History (PDF file 14.3 MB) from Fred Morley's database
  • Daintree History (OCR - Word Doc) from Fred Morley's database This document has been converted to a MS Word document via OCR. Use this document as reference only where text is desired. Ensure you compare this document to the original PDF (images) for correctness. Errors may have occurred during the OCR process.


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