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Lewis Edgar Hyde Parker

Year Highlights

Career Highlights

1926 Born in Toronto to Gilbert Hyde Parker and Dorothy Hannah Cruttenden.
1939-40 Attended Central Technical School.
1941-44 Apprenticed at 'Rabjohn Illustrators' Toronto.
1944-46 Originally with the Regiment 'Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry' in Germany, was transferred to the 'Maple Leaf army newspaper in Holland and in Germany as staff artist. 1947-56 Formed new partnership with Gordon Laws, Norman Laws and William Sherman as 'Sherman, Laws and Parker'.
1950 Married Eleanor Louise Derry. They have four children. Craig, Christine, Leslie and Matthew.
1957-70 Freelance editorial artist associate with the Globe, Globe Weekly, Telegram, Toronto Star and the Star Weekly. Political cartoonist for The Star, MacLean's Magazine, Canadian Homes, Chatelaine and Canadian Magazine.
1964-67 Freelance illustrator for American Publishers through a New York agent.
1964-75 Studio partnership with friend and fellow artist, Gerald Lazare.
1966-67 Canada Council grant for a year's study of Indian culture in Mexico.
1968 Canada Council grant to study Plains Indians.
1968-71 Huron Collection paintings for the Huronia Council of Ontario, with Gerald Lazare. On-site slide show of pre-european Indian life at Saint-Marie among the Hurons in Midland, Ontario.
1970-74 'Indians of Canada' series for the Wildlife Federation with Gerald Lazare.
1972-73 Series of murals for the National Museums, on site in Ottawa with Gerald Lazare.
1974-76 Series of film artworks for O.I.S.E. and for Cinera Productions and the National Film Board.
1976-80 Series of historical paintings for Parks Canada. 1980-82 Two montage murals for Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Murals researched and painted on site.
1982-90 Series of twelve murals for the University College of Cape Breton.
1988-89 Series of historical paintings for the 'Canadian Encyclopedia, Junior Edition'.
1993 Received the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators Canada.
1994-97 Designed coins for the Royal Mint.
1996 Taught Graphics program to students at Durham College, Oshawa, On.
1996 Taught students at home in studio 'Atelier Libre' Uxbridge, Ontario.
1997 The Hudson Bay Company commissioned 23 paintings for the 'Empire of The Bay' TV documentary series.
1998 'The Ark' commissioned by Dennis Patchett.
2000 Celebrated 50 years of marriage to Elly.
2000-06 Traveled across this country to photograph, sketch and paint the Canadian landscapes... Reworking many paintings done previously on tight deadlines...
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