Kincardine Township Con 12 Lot 17

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Kincardine Township – Land History

CON 12 LOT 17

1854 Allan McFadyen

1854 Neil McFadyen, l870 Duncan Rowan, 1871 Neil McFadyen, 1880 John McArthur - W½, 1899 Daniel McFadyen – W½, 1908 Neil, Mary & Catherine McFadyen - W½, 1921 Crown Deed - Mary & Catherine McFadyen, 1927 Russell Reid, 1943 Thomas Reid, 1947 Howard Reid, 1977 John Falconer, 1982 John & Drena Falconer, 1985 Farm Credit Corporation, 1987 Stephen & Shirley Crossley

Neil McFadyen (1821-1912) married Mary McKinnon (1827- 1893) of Bruce Township and raised eleven children in this small house:

  1. Allan (1854-1926) married in 1910 Elizabeth Scott, widow of Captain Duncan McFadyen of C12 L16 and resided on the W½ of Lot 16. Their daughter Sadie married William Clayton
  2. Mary (1857-1943), unmarried, a dressmaker in Tiverton
  3. Alexander “Sandy” (b. 1859), unmarried, went to Bruce Mines in 1893
  4. Flora (1862-1924) married Archibald McKinnon of Bruce Township
  5. Margaret “Maggie” married in 1889 Thomas Lindsay, a butcher in Tiverton, and died in childbirth in 1893
  6. Catherine “Kate” (b.c. 1866- 1940), unmarried, cooked on a lake boat, resided with her sister Mary in Tiverton
  7. Sarah (b.c. 1868-1900) died from typhoid fever
  8. James
  9. Donald “Dan” farmed with his father until Neil died, then moved to Bruce Township
  10. Mary Florence “Minnie” (1872-1946) married in 1896 Robert Carleton of C11 L6, resided in Bruce Township
  11. Christina “Tena” (b. 1876) trained as an R.N., worked in Sherbrooke, Que., lived in Calif.

A frame house was built about 1894 with Allan as the carpenter. The family split up, with Mary, her son Sandy and Mary Flora living in the new house which was later bricked over, and Neil with son Dan and Flora living in the log house. When Mary died, Neil went to live with Kate and her sister Mary who were residing in Tiverton. When Neil died in 1912, the farm was left to Kate and Mary who sold it to Russell Reid in 1927.

Toils, Tears & Triumph - A History of Kincardine Township, Kincardine Township Historical Society, 1990, pg 332-3

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