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If you are not comfortable with html and php editing, this page may not be for you



Side Effects

TNG Installation Contents

Installation for TNG Version 5.1.4

If you have previously modified your TNG newacctform.php or suggest.php file, do not continue. You WILL lose any changes to that file you have previously made.

  1. backup your existing TNG v5.1.4 newacctform.php and suggest.php file
  2. download this zip (
  3. unzip it, examine the contents
  4. copy the "freecap" folder to the main TNG folder
    • make sure it is readable and executable by all
  5. verify that all the ".ht****" files and the freecap.php file are in the new "freecap" folder
    • ensure they are all readable
    • MAC users - please note that the .ht*** files are reported to be hidden files and may not be visible. The program "Transfer" has been recommended to assist with this.
  6. copy the applicable captcha_text.php files to your language folders.
    • for example, copy the /./English/captch_text.php to the ./English folder
  7. for each supported language, edit the text.php file in the language folder and add an include line at the second to last line, just before the "?>"
    • add the line @include("captcha_text.php");
  8. copy the TNG_captcha.php file to the base TNG folder
  9. copy the newacctform.php and/or the suggest.php file to your base TNG folder. This should replace an existing TNG file of the same name
  10. check it out

Installation for TNG pre - Version 5.1.4

  • IF you are NOT running v5.1.4 or you HAVE made changes to either of the above files then, you must add the single include line to the newacctform.php or suggest.php file on your own. Follow the instructions above, except edit the newacctform.php and/or the suggest.php files, do not copy them.
  • use the sample newacctform.php and suggest.php files as examples.
    • in newacctform.php, examine the "include" at line 44
    • in suggest.php, examine the "include" at line 111
  • edit your version of each of these files to add the include at the appropriate line


Customization - Embedded email address in Captcha page

I'm still getting registration spam!

I'm still getting suggest spam!

I've installed the captcha, the text is ok, but my Graphic is not diplayed!

In the event of a problem with your version 5.1.4 TNG site

  1. copy your backup newacctform.php and/or suggest.php to your base TNG folder
  2. copy your language text.php files back to their language folders
  3. if you made the additional modifications, copy your backup "addnewacct.php" and/or your backup "tngsendmail.php" file to your base TNG folder as well
    • all should be well now
  4. you may also delete the "freecap" folder and files, TNG_captcha.php, and the captcha language support files


  1. You're sort of on your own... If you have a specific question, or feel some additional info in the above would help others, feel free to contact me directly. Mail me here
    • Please post suggestions, or your own flavour of this mod to the forum or list


A big thanks goes out to all those TNG users in the TNGuser list that contributed to the discussion regarding the use of a Captcha in TNG

  • A special thanks goes out to
    • Francis Amar who provided the French and Spanish translations.
    • Martien van Balgooi who provided the Dutch translation.
    • Aguinaldo Valentin Fidelis who provided the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    • Ian Singer who provided the alternate English text file.
    • John Lisle for providing the code to hide the email address from those pesky spambots and email harvesters.
    • Russell G. Strong who provided the German translation.
    • Henny Savenije who provided some minor code suggestions and suggestions for the installation repackage to connect with TNG version 6 more simply
  • Thanks to Darrin for suggesting to create a single line include version in preparation for TNG v6.
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