Northumberland County

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Northumberland County

Northumberland County is situated on the north shore of [Lake Ontario], in east-central [Ontario], [Canada]. It had a population of 77,497 in the 2001 census.

Located east of Durham County (now the Regional Municipality of Durham), west of [Hastings], southeast of [Kawartha Lakes] and south of [Peterborough County]. The county seat is [Cobourg]. Together with [Durham County], it formed the [Newcastle District] from 1798 to 1849 and the [United Counties of Northumberland and Durham] from 1850 to 1973.

It was first aggressively settled by [United Empire Loyalists] fleeing the former [13 British American Colonies] in the late 18th century. The Crown provided plots to the settlers for nominal sums (with the stipulation of making the land productive in a set number of years) or gratis to those who had served against the American Colonial Army. Following the [war of 1812] many port towns, Cobourg in particular became important centres for commercial activity and a landing point for European immigrants arriving on steamers.

It consists of:

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