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Kincardine Township – Land History

CON 12 LOT 16

1854 Allan McFadyen

W½ — 1860 Allan McFadyen, 1862 John McPhail, 1876 Crown Deed –John McPhail, 1876 Duncan McFadyen -5 acres, 1876 James Wilson -46 acres, 1877 Peter Page -48 acres, 1885 Duncan McFadyen, 1922 John McFadyen, 1929 William Hendry, 1940 Harold Hendry, 1968 Kenneth & Velma Hendry

E½ — 1860 Donald McKinnon, 1875 Crown Deed - Don McKinnon, 1886 Allan McFadyen, 1890 Daniel McFadyen, l896 Allan McFadyen, 1926 John McFadyen, 1929 Thomas Reid, 1954 Gordon Reid, 1985 Albert Reid Construction Ltd.

Lot 16 was first claimed in 1854 by two brothers, Archibald and Allan McFadyen, b. in Scotland, sons of Donald McFadyen and Margaret McDougall. Archibald moved to Bruce Township. Allan (b. 1834) married Flora McIntyre of Bruce Township, and in a few years moved to Inverhuron.

The lot was divided about 1860 and the E½ purchased by Donald McKinnon (b. 1837 in Tiree) of Bruce Township. Donald married in 1865 Agnes (Ann) McKenzie, daughter of Donald McKenzie and Peggy Buchanan, and had these children: John, Allan, Annie, Donald, Margaret, Hugh and Rebecca, all born between 1867 and 1881. We found no more records of this family and believe they left the township.

In 1886 Allan McFadyen of C12 L17 moved to the E½ where he earned his living as a carpenter and apiarist. Four years later he sold it to his brother Donald “Dan”, who a few years later returned it to Allan and moved to Cookstown. The elder Allan McFadyen sold the W½ of the lot to John McPhail in 1862. In the 1871 Census we found John McPhail (born circa. 1808), h/w Christy (born circa. 1831) and the children, Donald, John, Alexander, Hector, Jessie, William and Laughlin (born circa. 1868). With them was Jessie McPhail, age 63, a widow, possibly John’s mother. We found nothing more about the McPhails.

In 1876 Captain Duncan McFadyen, native of Scotland, emigrated to Bruce County from Cape Breton where he had received his captain’s training. On his arrival in the township, he bought five acres at the south end of the W½ of Lot 16. There he resided in a log house near the sideroad. James Wilson and Peter Page, in succession, held the balance of the W½ for nine years, then sold to Capt. McFadyen in 1885. Captain Duncan married (1) Annie (died 1898 age 60) (2) in 1898 Elizabeth Scott of Huron Township and had two sons, John (1899-1979) and Frank (1901-1985). John married Hazel Colwell, became an apiarist and later resided in Tiverton. Frank and his wife Maimie Carleton farmed in Bruce Township. Captain Duncan sailed for 46 years from Sarnia to Canadian ports with lumber as his cargo. He died in 1902 from a fall into the hold of a boat. His wife Elizabeth (1870-1929) married in 1910 Allan McFadyen, who was residing on the east part of this lot. Allan and Elizabeth had a daughter, Sadie (1913-1960).

Thomas Lynden, a tenant, had a stable and a blacksmith shop in the northwest corner of the W½. He made hoops for salt barrels for the salt factory in Kincardine. After Capt. McFadyen died, Mrs. Martin, a sister of John McKellar of Tiverton, and her family lived in the house. An Alexander family also lived in the Captain’s house on the sideroad. At one time this was a very busy corner with a blacksmith shop, a sawmill, several houses, U.S.S. #3 Eskdale School and Eskdale Post Office on C12 L14.

The W½ of Lot 16 was sold in 1929 to William Hendry of C12 L13 and today his grandson owns it. The E½ was sold to Thomas Reid of Bruce Township followed by his sons, Gordon and Albert.

Toils, Tears & Triumph - A History of Kincardine Township, Kincardine Township Historical Society, 1990, pg 332

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