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Tridel December 1987 Company Magazine

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Sadie Colwell has lived through two world wars.

The year of her birth saw Sir Wilfred Laurier heading the Canadian Government. She has seen the invention of the airplane, the atomic bomb, television, talking pictures and the polio vaccine. Many of the everyday items we take for granted in our life did not exist when Sadie was a child.

It was 1925 when a young woman from Kincardine, Ontario started work at Muirheads Restaurant in downtown Toronto as a bookkeeper. In the late 20's Muirheads was sold to Canadian Foods which in turn was acquired by Tridel in 1971. Through all these changes, Sadie has continued to do her job ten hours a day and, until a few years ago, six days a week. Still hard at work in the bookkeeping department at Tridel, Sadie is without doubt an inspiration to us all. Although she could have retired many years ago, Sadie prefers to keep working - and why not? After all, she is surrounded by people who admire and respect her fortitude and gende personality. However, don't let that quiet, reserved demeanor fool you. This is one determined, independent lady who still commutes to and from her downtown home by the T.T.C. That alone deserves a commendation for bravery.

This column was originally going to be called, "People We're Proud OF', until the thought occurred to us that Tridel is proud of all its people. But in this case, the original title fits. Sadie Colwell personifies our work ethic and is an example to us all. We're proud of you, Sadie!

(Dec 1987)
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